More Atom and Ruby - Using ruby-test

I continue to try and get Atom setup in the most productive way - especially for Ruby programming. I continue to be impressed with the tool. For unit testing I favor MiniTest and I wanted a way to run tests from inside Atom without leaving the editor environment.

After trying out of a couple of packages I settled on ruby-test.


Installation of ruby-test is straightforward. I used the command line Atom install tool apm. The following worked for me :

apm install ruby-test

After installing the ruby-test package restart Atom by using atom from the command line and then configure the testing package by going to Atom/Preferences/Packages and then searching for ruby-test. You’ll want to set your “Test Framework” as explained in the configuration panel :

Ruby-test config

The tool worked seamlessly for me after doing this.


Install was straightforward and the tool within Atom worked seamlessly for me. My environment is :

  • OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite)
  • Atom 1.2.0
  • ruby-test 0.9.16

The tool pops up a panel when running tests and shows the MiniTest output just like you’d see from the command line. The panel has a close button (unlike some of the other unit test packages I tried out in Atom) so you can close the unit test info when you no longer need it or want additional screen real estate. The panel that pops up includes a link in the left hand corner to “Settings” that brings up you to the ruby-test Settings page.

I generally run a single test after I finish writing it by placing my cursor on the test and hitting command-control-R and then run all the tests in a Ruby test file by hitting command-control-T. Both of these approaches worked without issue.

Written on November 14, 2015